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New Generation Middle Temperature Noodle Production Line

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Stick noodle equipment
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      In recent years, the output data of the stick noodle

industry maintained a high growth rate, while the income

growth rate maintained a growth rate of about 20%. The

market situation and development trend of China's stick

noodle industry released by China Food Industry

Association is estimated to be about 10 million tons of

saturated consumption. And the demand for noodles is

less affected by economic fluctuations, the growth rate

of noodles in the future is between 15% and 25%.


    The state strongly advocates the further processing of

agricultural products, and local governments at all levels

also provide various supports in land, finance and policy.


    Stick noodle manufacturing has been integrated with

modern food processing of high and new technology,

realized the mechanization of noodle processing, 

continuous (with complete assembly line, flour and

auxiliary materials input, noodles finished product output,

no interruption of process), the traditional stick noodle

processing has been transformed into large-scale assembly

line production, easier to market circulation.

2. Consumption of frequency

Survey statistics show that more than 99% of people have eaten

stick noodles, stick noodles have many consumers. Consumers

often, generally and occasionally eat proportion is very close,

indicating that nearly a third of consumers often eat stick noodles.

3. Per capita annual consumption

According to the survey data, the average annual consumption of

stick noodles in cities is about 13.7 kg.

    Consulting agencies conducted

in-depth research on the consumption

of noodles, according to the survey

results found:

(1) From the perspective of gender,

the proportion of women consuming

noodles was 51.8 percent, 3.6 percent

higher than that of men;




Analysis on the noodle-eating condition


Stick noodle


Chinese people like to eat noodles, especially in the north,

instant noodles, stick noodles and so on are very popular.

Current situation and development trend of

stick noodle industry

      Chinese people have been eating

this fast food since the Tang Dynasty.



Analysis on the consumer behavior of stick noodles

in China

      With the acceleration of people's living standard in

modern society, the prosperity of noodle industry has

been created. As a staple food for rapid consumption,

noodle is increasingly favored by modern people with

fast pace. With the improvement of the income level of

modern consumers and the enhancement of their desire

for nutrition, fast food can no longer meet all the needs

of consumers. Only nutritious, healthy and delicious

noodle food can gain a larger market, which means that

more nutritious noodle varieties will be more and more

popular among consumers.


(2) From the age distribution, people of all ages eat noodles, and

the consumption is concentrated between 25 and 55 years old,

accounting for 71% of the respondents;

(3) From the perspective of occupational composition, blue-collar

workers in cities are the main force of consumption, accounting

for 27.5%, followed by retirees, accounting for 17.3%;

(4) From the perspective of family income, different levels of

groups are eating noodles, and the proportion of consumption

of noodles by families with relatively low monthly income is

relatively high.


1. Differentiation of eating patterns

(1) The north as a lunch or dinner staple,

the south is mainly as breakfast and


(2) The north usually do noodles with

soybean paste or noodles with graudio-

videoy and other kinds of lo mein, the

south is mostly made of hot soup 

noodles to eat.

Vertical cutting, ensure the

uniformity of noodles, small

broken head.

Automatic Flour Feeding


Positive pressure air system

for flour feeding, accurate

measurement, conveying

enough materials within 3



Chain-type low temperature noodle production line

Vacuum Dough Mixing


Vacuum suspension state,

water and flour can fully

fusion, and mixing effect

is good, high water rate.

Lateral Type Dough Aging


New type dough aging conveyor,

the upper frame can be moved

as a whole to clean up, no longer

need to climb up to clean up.

Stick noodle production line

Corrugated Roller Rolling


Change traditional longitudinal

rolling method, give the dough

transverse rolling force, imitate

the manual kneading.

Drying Partition Obviously

Easy to Operate

Independent interval,

temperature presents partition distribution, temperature and

humidity of each zone can be

independently controlled and


Automatic Temperature &

Humidity Control System

Multi-sensor, temperature,

humidity, draught fan, automatic

control system.

New-type Intelligent Straight

Cutting Machine

                                         Dr Gao qi'an, who specializes in

Dunhuang diet, said: "stick noodles appeared as far back

as the Tang Dynasty, and it was called beard noodles".


Rolling Machine Single

Handwheel on One Side


each year more than 300 sets of equipment, more than 40

years of experience in improving, escort for you  # 

Cooperate with excellent packaging machine enterprises in

the industry, provide you with a complete set of solutions


Stick Noodle Production Line - Production Process


Automatic operation is realized, and meticulous details

make it easier for employees to use.

Automatic Water Feeding System


Flour Feeding System

Can lock the single side,

adjust the handwheel can

directly adjust the thickness

of the dough sheet at the

same time.

Vacuum Dough Mixing Machine


Dough Aging Conveyor


Automatic Rod Providing

New Type Compound &

Monolithic Rolling Machine


Automatic Temperature

Control Drying System

New-type Intelligent Straight

Cutting Machine


Wind speed


Keep improving    Automatic Temperature &

Humidity Control System

temperature, humidity, wind speed integrated control, provide a

simple and convenient use for you, make quality more stable and

customers more at ease




moisture removal





the side frame can be moved as a whole, belt can be turned upside

down when cleaning, photoelectric induction automatic feeding


Overall moveable new type dough aging conveyor

Adjust dough sheet thickness synchronously

by the handwheel on the same side

reduce dependence on skilled workers, direct digital display of

thickness, adjust the single handle directly to adjust the overall

dough sheet thickness





more than 40 years of experience, help you save worries; restore

the original flavor of the noodles, support a variety of cutter

model selection

Simple operation  Stable quality

(the product quality is the lifeline of food enterprises)


Founded in 1975, the successful experience of

tens of thousands of customers

Perfect service system is guaranteed by the

experience of dozens of countries around the world

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