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Cup Noodle Production Line

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Cup noodle production line
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Instant noodle equipment
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Cup noodle production line,Bowl noodle production line
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     DONGFANG NAOMU instant noodle production line adopts PLC control, high degree of automation, from dough mixing, rolling & forming, frying and air cooling to packing section basically realize full automation, the produced instant noodles rehydration time is short, high quality, the shape is neat, the oil content is adjustable, noodles taste is chewy & smooth.

     The noodle forming device can be adjusted to curved or straight, the noodles can be straight or curved shape. The development of the square & round integrated instant noodle production line can realize the integrated production of square noodle, round noodle, bag noodle and cup noodle, which is more suitable for the initial test of emerging market demand.

     Perfect supporting packing equipment, automatic packing, feeding, sealing, cartoning, can realize the whole automatic operation.


Round Cup Noodle Production Line Equipment Model


Round Cup Noodle Production Line


Round Cup Noodle production line

production flow chart analysis


Round Cup Noodle Production Line

Process flowchart


Type Classification






1、Automatic Flour Feeding System/Dough Mixing System


3、Rolling Machine of Instant Noodle Equipment


2、New Split-type Dough Aging Conveyor

4、Vertical Lift Water-sealed Type Multi-Layer Steamer

6、New Lift Type Frying Machine

7、New Generation Ultra-strong Air Cooling Machine


5、Cutting & Dividing Machine of Instant Noodle Machine


Realize automatic operation, elaborate details everywhere to make it easier for workers to use


Automated tail packing machine

Cooperate with fully automated packing machine

Cooperate with excellent packaging machine enterprises, provide you with a complete set of solutions


Perfect service system, guaranteed by the experience of dozens of countries around the world


Founded in 1975, successful experience of tens of thousands of customers



DONGFANG NAOMU stick noodle production line, instant noodle production line equipment to serve more than 40 countries around the world


Other type equipment


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