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Rolling machine for instant noodle production line

2024/04/20 11:48
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Rolling machine for instant noodle production line

The main rolling equipment is to press the dough that has been matured into composite dough through multiple rollers, and the rolling equipment is also known as pressing, rolling, or rolling. Our usual method of making noodles is to manually roll out the dough, which is to place the handmade dough on a cutting board and use a rolling pin to repeatedly roll the dough, gradually pressing it into a certain thickness of dough. The rolling machine formed the dough by rolling it, which was actually developed based on the principle of hand rolling.

The composite rolling machine in the instant noodle production line consists of three pairs of initial pressure rollers and one pair of composite rollers, with one pair of pressure rollers being elastically supported and vibrating during the pressing process. The continuous rolling machine consists of five pairs of rollers, a set of rolling bar devices, and a unloading conveyor network. Each group of rollers in the composite rolling mill and the first three groups of rollers in the continuous rolling mill adopt a special concave convex corrugated structure. Except for the three pairs of initial rollers in the composite rolling mill, the ripple parameters of the other groups of rollers are different, which greatly simulates the manual dough making process and enables the gluten network to form stably in the longitudinal and transverse directions. To achieve a stretching effect that cannot be achieved by a smooth pressure roller group, each group of pressure rollers uses separate power, variable frequency speed regulation, electronic tracking and monitoring of the smooth operation of the surface strip, and a digital screen displays the gap between the rollers and the speed of the rollers. When the gap between each group of pressure rollers is fixed according to an appropriate rolling ratio, the leading or lagging of the strip walking can be automatically adjusted by controlling the speed matching between each group of pressure rollers through a photoelectric detection device.

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