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Key equipment that affects the quality of semi-dry noodles

2024/03/02 17:02
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Key equipment that affects the quality of semi-dry noodles

        The fully enclosed intelligent drying and softening system is an important component of the semi-dry noodle production line equipment and a key equipment that affects the final product quality. Its working principle is mainly divided into two processes: drying, dehydration, and cooling. Drying and dehydration is the most crucial step. Dongfang Shangwu's drying and softening equipment uses high temperature and rapid dehydration to reduce the moisture content of the noodles to 22% -26%, and has a certain degree of sterilization effect. Slow cooling, using a low temperature and high humidity method, is responsible for homogenizing the moisture inside and on the surface of the noodles, while reducing the product temperature to facilitate the automatic packaging process in the later stage.

  Our Dongfang Naomu semi-dry noodle production line has a drying and softening equipment that operates in a closed mode. The production process is hygienic and safe, and the product quality is safe and stable. Various parameters are controllable and adjustable. Adopting a touch screen human-machine interface, it is convenient for managers and workers to monitor, set, and record production parameters. The equipment is stable and reliable, with a high degree of automation, and the quality allows you to rest assured.