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Basic principles and process requirements of cooling devices

2023/11/18 17:09
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Basic principles and process requirements of cooling devices

        The basic principle of cooling: fried instant noodles have a higher temperature after being fried, and when transported to the cooling machine, the temperature is generally around 80-100 ℃. When the noodles from the hot air drying machine reach the cooling machine, their temperature is still around 50-60 ℃. If these noodles are not cooled and packaged directly, it will cause the noodles and soup to be difficult to store. If the cooling does not meet the predetermined standard, it will also cause moisture absorption and mold inside the packaging. Therefore, cooling the product is necessary. Cooling methods include natural cooling and forced cooling.

  1. Natural cooling refers to the use of the characteristic that the temperature of the surface is higher than room temperature, by placing the cooled surface indoors, allowing the surrounding air to absorb its heat, and slowly cooling with the passage of time. This cooling method is not suitable for continuous production.

  2. The principle of forced cooling is the same as that of natural cooling, which utilizes the temperature difference between the cooled object and the cooling medium for refrigeration, but the specific method is different. Forced cooling is the use of a blower to enhance the flow of air, allowing the cooled object to pass through a cooling tunnel and rapidly cool and dissipate heat under the action of cold air.

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